Agensi Pekerjaan Riskurnia Sdn Bhd established since 12 June 2006. We posses a valid operating job placement license from Ministry of Human Resource Department (Jabatan Tenaga Kerja) with license No. 2208. We are a premier provider of quality Domestic Helpers from the authorised source country by KDN.

We has selectively associated with well established and reputed overseas companies in Cambodia, Indonesia, Phillipines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam to recruit foreign domestic helpers. As a long-term cooperation with our overseas associated agent, we always has a same vision and commitment is to improve our quality of recruitment procedures and training programs to deliver compentence candidates according to our local customer requirement and government regulation.

This our intention to maximize the level of customer's satisfaction with our domestic helpers. Moreover, we are responsible for keep track on Foreign Domestic Helpers welfare and performance during the employment period.
We are also ;
  • A Fully Licensed, Realible and Trustworthy Agency.
  • Suppying Legal, Well Trained and Medically Fit Maids.
  • Providing Fast Processing and Delivery.
  • Giving Prompt Response and Service.
  • Guaranteed Maid Replacement for Runaway.
  • Supplying Maid with Reasonable Price.


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